The Craigellachie brand represents its creative directors. We only work with the best in their respective fields to recreate recipes and luxury products that reflect the unrivalled quality of Speyside. We are reinventing what a hotel brand represents and strive to take The Craigellachie to a broader audience.

Piers Adam - founder of the Craigellachie Hotel: 

"The Craigellachie is not just a magical place to visit and experience, we have found that it has intangible and emotional connections for family and friends. The Hotel dates back to 1703. My father was evacuated from London in the Second World War and before he died I took him back to where he had been brought up. I stayed at the Craigellachie and immediately fell in love with its warm ghost. My wife and I have tried to create an environment where people who love whisky or the magic of Speyside can come, feel at home and can’t wait to return.

We have worked with the best curators to create a range of traditional products which have been enjoyed by the Speyside community for centuries."