Quaich Bar

The world’s leading whisky bar

Quaich Bar

“The Quaich Bar, with red-leathered chairs and green-velvet sofas, feels like an on-trend members-only; it’s easy to see why guests like Kate Moss, Sadie Frost and Noel Gallagher hung out here.”
The Telegraph

The iconic Quaich Bar was founded over 120 years ago and it is the world’s leading whisky bar with over 1000 single-malt whiskies from around the globe. It has taken its name from the Quaich, the traditional double-handed drinking vessel, which symbolises friendship and sharing.

Here craftsmanship meets luxury in every detail. Our furniture is handcrafted by the finest British artisans, ensuring comfort that whispers of centuries-old traditions. The bar is adorned with a striking silver band designed by jeweller Stephen Webster and produced by Hamilton & Inches, Silversmiths to His Majesty the King. 

Here, where traditions are treasured and innovation is celebrated, we offer bespoke whisky tastings and whisky flights, curated by Calum Diack, our Quaich Bar Manager, providing a unique Speyside experience. 

Experience luxury in the heart of the world-famous whisky valley. Your journey begins at The Quaich.


‘Quaich’ translated from Celtic to English means ‘a cup of love, a cup of friendship’. 

It is a traditional Scottish drinking cup that has been used for centuries to share a dram of whisky with friends and guests. Its history can be traced back to the 16th century with Kings James VI of Scotland giving a special decorative Quaich to Anne of Denmark in 1589 as a wedding gift. 

As the popularity of whisky grew in Scotland, so did the use of the Quaich as a vessel for sharing the drink. 

Today, the Quaich remains an important part of Scottish culture and heritage, and is still used in formal and informal occasions as a symbol of friendship and goodwill.

Cask Concierge

We have access to rare casks of whisky and offer a personalised bottling programme. Membership to our Quaich Concierge service is by invitation only.  

Members will receive a certificate of ownership whilst their cask is held in our local Speyside bonded warehouse.  Casks can be stored in our local Speyside bonded warehouse until members wish them to be removed or bottled. Quaich members can also have access to our bespoke bottlers and can design their own personalised labels. We have teamed up with some of the best up and coming artists who can assist with the process if required.

We do not view casks as a financial investment. We view them as a legacy to be passed on and bottled to friends and family.

Please contact the hotel to enquire.